I was really impressed wit the fact that Casey was a strong marketer….

October 17, 2018

“I was introduced to Casey Cooke from a neighborhood mailer I received several years ago. At that time, I was just starting to think about selling, so I called his office and we chatted. I got the overall sense that he was not just an authentic person, but that he was also capable, professional and had all the traits and experience you would want in a Realtor. I was really impressed with fact that he was a strong home marketer. I could tell he understood how to work around the complexities of today’s social media savvy pool of buyers. Fast forward two years and I was finally ready to sell. I called Casey up with no hesitation. Within three weeks of listing our home, we received a winning offer. As with many home sale transactions, we had contingencies. Contingencies are always a little nerve wracking – especially during the holidays which was when we were selling – and I had a little anxiety about whether or not everything would work out. Casey was calm through it all, which was extremely comforting. I also felt that Jenn was a great complement to Casey. She was always professional, warm and engaging going above and beyond to make things easy on our family when potential buyers were touring our home. I really can’t say enough about our experience with Casey Cooke and his team. They completely exceeded my expectations. He took good care of us and I’d use him again without a second thought.”


-Michael & Julie Minney

Vista CA 2018