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Joe & Jane Kelleher, Vista 2018

We chose Casey Cooke for several reasons. First, it seemed like everywhere we went in North County there was a ‘For Sale’ sign with Casey Cooke’s face on it. Secondly, most of those signs had ‘In Escrow’ on them. We wanted to go with success and the numbers pointed us in Casey’s direction. After we sat down with him, we were convinced we’d made the right decision. He instantly made us feel comfortable and assured us that he could help.

The best part of the process was that Casey kept us in the loop every step of the way. He made recommendations that proved to be accurate and led to the final sale. Every time we started to lose faith, Casey reeled us right in and assured us everything was going to be OK. Casey did everything possible to get us the best deal on the sale of our home and he also facilitated our needs in finding a new place. As it turned out, we got everything we needed and were able to make a successful move – all thanks to Casey Cooke.

Overall, it’s not just that Casey was a tremendous asset for us to sell our house and relocate us, it’s also that he was the consummate gentleman and professional. I believe that he was genuinely concerned about the greater welfare of my wife and I and that he went way beyond what any other Realtor would have done. I can’t thank him enough or possibly repay him for his honesty, integrity and professionalism.”


Jim Millett, Vista 2018

Having known Casey for some time, I knew he was the right choice when it came to selling my brother’s estate. He has a proven success rate and I knew he’d help me sell within my set timeframe. I was confident in his real estate knowledge, especially for the North County. I can tell you this, Casey does his homework and has a great read on the local market. That, along with his work ethic are two big reasons why he is one of the best.

After Casey’s initial walk-through and assessment on the home, we came up with the perfect game plan to sell fast. He assigned both of us projects and we hit the ground running. Casey had a good listing price in mind and recommended some easy improvements to help increase the value of offers. From painting and drywall repairs to copies of the trust and executor documents, we worked as a team to make sure everything was dialed in for a hassle-free sale.

Casey has a great network of resources that you can trust. He also has creative solutions and answers for any problem. If he doesn’t have an answer for you, he will immediately research the question and actually get back to you with a quick response. It was refreshing to have such great communication throughout the whole process. There were also tenants living in the house when I sold it and Casey was great working and communicating with them, as well.

Overall, I was incredibly impressed with my experience. On a scale of one to 10, I have to give him 100. He went above and beyond to get the ball across the goal line.


Rudy & Connie Echevarria, Vista 2018

We needed to sell our home as we were moving to Rome, Italy to be near our only daughter and her husband when our future granddaughter is born. My brother is a real estate agent in Texas and had offered to find us the best Realtor in the area. He interviewed three agents and recommended Casey Cooke. It was a great referral as I was extremely impressed with Casey. He is personable and very knowledgeable. My wife and I both immediately felt that he was the right agent for us and that he would help sell our home quickly. Selling our house fast, but for the right price was important to us since we had already purchased our plane tickets to Rome. With Casey as our Realtor, our home not only sold quickly, but it sold for more than the asking price.

Casey has put together a fantastic team of experienced and caring professionals who are willing to go the extra mile to help with whatever needs to be done. Jenniffer was great help. It was a stressful time since we were having to sell our home of thirty years and leave behind many personal items that we could not take overseas. We had a limited time to have the house painted and make some additional improvements, decide what we could take with us, fill our suitcases with as much of our valued belongings as possible and figure out how to dispose of things we could not take with us. Thanks to Casey and Jenniffer, the sale of our home was the least stressful aspect of our move to Italy.

Casey provides the whole package and has a fantastic network of contractors. He recommended an interior decorator to make suggestions for staging our home. He recommended a gardener who was able to quickly put in some ground cover in the front of the house and recommended a couple of estate sales companies to help us sell furniture and other items we could not take to Italy. He also sent over a truly professional photographer who took wonderful photos of the house. Both Casey and Jenniffer helped find a handyman to make some agreed upon repairs and they made arrangements to let the handyman and later the termite company gain access to the house – all after we had left on our airplane! Thanks, to Casey and Jenniffer, we were able to peacefully enjoy our new home in Italy while they took care of everything that was necessary to complete the escrow process. The whole experience went smoothly. It was a great pleasure dealing with such professional agents like Casey and Jennifer.

If you want the best agent in the San Diego area, you must go with Casey Cooke.

Rosemarie Schmidt, Vista 2018 (2 homes sold!)

If you’re looking for a strong first impression from a Realtor, Casey is your guy. He is very personable and exudes a likable air of confidence. That’s why I hired him. I liked his style. He had a strong handshake and he backed it up with strong data and sales numbers. He was very straightforward and explained everything in detail. I knew he could do the job and felt he would do it well. I felt like I could completely trust Casey, as well as Jenn. They were doing so much behind the scenes, yet constantly kept me informed about what was happening as they kept in touch frequently. I had a lot of my plate as I was closing two homes around the same time, in different cities so having good representation on my behalf with Casey was a huge relief. It was just a very positive experience from start to finish. I will definitely use him again when I look to sell my future properties.

Roger Campbell, Vista 2018

During my first meeting with Casey Cooke, I could tell that he was a capable agent. He was a top sales agent in the area and was very helpful when answering my questions about the home selling process. He seemed like a fair and knowledgeable person, and I wanted to give him a shot. I’m glad I did. Casey and Jenn did a great job, and they did so in a short period of time. They were helpful and creative when it came to repairs, making everything easy. I would recommend them for anyone looking to sell. The whole process went fast for me, and it was a very smooth transaction.

Michael & Julie Minney, Vista 2018

I was introduced to Casey Cooke from a neighborhood mailer I received several years ago. At that time, I was just starting to think about selling, so I called his office and we chatted. I got the overall sense that he was not just an authentic person, but that he was also capable, professional and had all the traits and experience you would want in a Realtor. I was really impressed with fact that he was a strong home marketer. I could tell he understood how to work around the complexities of today’s social media savvy pool of buyers. Fast forward two years and I was finally ready to sell. I called Casey up with no hesitation. Within three weeks of listing our home, we received a winning offer. As with many home sale transactions, we had contingencies. Contingencies are always a little nerve wracking – especially during the holidays which was when we were selling – and I had a little anxiety about whether or not everything would work out. Casey was calm through it all, which was extremely comforting. I also felt that Jenn was a great complement to Casey. She was always professional, warm and engaging going above and beyond to make things easy on our family when potential buyers were touring our home. I really can’t say enough about our experience with Casey Cooke and his team. They completely exceeded my expectations. He took good care of us and I’d use him again without a second thought.

Ben & April Haskell, 2017

We had worked with Casey Cooke to buy a home in San Marcos, CA. It was our first real estate experience and we felt like he not only guided us well, but he helped negotiate a good deal for a home that suited our lifestyle. That was five years ago. Naturally, when it came time to sell, we returned to Casey. It was a sellers’ market on one hand, but also a challenging market in some respects. We received multiple offers on our home. The first buyer ended up dropping out, but we had another offer the next day thanks to Casey’s marketing and persistence. Casey also did a great job keeping us calm as we navigated the water with our buyers. He even began working with the sellers of the home we were trying to purchase out-of-town! Casey was our local selling agent, yet he actively worked to keep our purchase deal together on a home we were trying to buy that was 500 miles away. I appreciated his help keeping that process on track. That should have been on our buying agent, but we trusted Casey more in making it happen and he did quite a bit of extra legwork to keep our purchase on track without anything to gain from it. Casey was confident and managed to keep things under control when our buyers weren’t holding up their end. He gave sound advice and went above and beyond to take care of us as his clients. We definitely recommend Casey Cooke and his team.”

Debbie Meyer, Rancho Bernardo 2017

Casey has a great personality and enjoys his job, which makes working with him painless. I only had a few days to look at homes to buy so we ended up touring at a lot of condos in a short time. Every home visit was easy and pleasant with Casey. He was willing to take me anywhere in the county and not only listened to what I was looking for, but also kept me in my price range. My expectations were met and more! Casey and his team jumped on any problems that popped up. For example, the inspection report came in with small things that needed fixing. I was out of state, yet they still got done. Also, my garage door opener did not work. I bought a new one and Casey took it upon himself to program everything. I was completely impressed. Casey is friendly, listens and goes out of his way to make your life easier. I definitely recommend him.

Rick Reyes, Vista 2017

When I found myself needing to sell our home, a contact of mine – who had recently worked with Casey Cooke – recommended his team to me. I was looking for a Realtor that was honest and direct, but that would also be flexible and accommodating to my schedule. Casey’s team was that and more. They were knowledgeable, helpful, considerate and always available. Casey’s team provided realistic information and took my family into consideration during showings. Jenn was great, too! She is easy to talk to and was patient and understanding regarding my families’ time. During the process, I always felt confident and secure that my house was in the right hands. All questions and concerns were answered immediately, and issues were resolved in a timely manner. For example, one concern I had at the beginning of the process was if I would have to carry two mortgages or rent if an offer on my home fell through and I had moved. Casey was able to explain and give me solutions to help minimize that risk. At the end, he sold my home for a great price in no time at all. Every expectation was met. I wanted to sell my home quickly. Casey’s team was able to not only sell my home for more than I expected, but faster than expected, as well.


Ray Nogueira, Bonsall 2015

I’m very glad I chose Casey as my Realtor and that I trusted him to do his job. Casey is a nice guy and is easy to work with, but above all, he knows what he is doing. I give him an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10!

All I can say is it pays to listen to Casey Cooke. I was first recommended to Casey by a broker in the Ocean Hills neighborhood, which indicated to me that Casey’s peers respected him and that he would be a good choice. I called him up, arranged an interview and felt he was a confident and savvy professional who knew what he was doing and had his eyeballs on the market.

When it came to selling my home, Casey just made it happen. We originally listed my home in late 2014. After some time on the market, I accepted a full-price contingent offer that unfortunately fell through. Per Casey’s recommendation, we pulled the listing with the intent to relist in 2015. When it came time to relist, Casey said he was sure the home was priced right, but that potential buyers might be getting hung up on the furniture I had. It was very colonial and Casey noted that it might be hard for people to see themselves living in the home. He recommended emptying the house completely. I trusted his instincts and did just that. My house sold so fast I still can’t believe it! We listed my house on a Monday and I had accepted an offer by Tuesday night. In addition, the house sold for all cash in a 14-day escrow so it was a no-hassle closing as well.